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The Best Bathroom Mirror Ideas That Can Suit Your Style

If you are considering a bathroom remodel, it would be a great idea to start by choosing the type of mirror you would like in your bathroom, as this piece will be in the center of it all.

A bathroom mirror plays an essential role in every bathroom as it is needed to check someone’s appearance, shaving, or applying makeup. Aside from that, it also boosts the bathroom as it adds light, style, and function.

When choosing the best mirror for your bathroom, you have plenty of choices, and it seems like an exciting task. Bathroom mirrors are available in various styles, sizes, colors, and shapes to match your lifestyle and preference.

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Mirrored Bathroom San Jose made a list of some bathroom mirror ideas you can choose to upgrade your bathroom mirror:

  1. Folded Corner Mirrors

    Folded corner mirrors are perfect for bathrooms that have minimal space. These mirrors can turn your awkward room corner into something unique and convenient, and their design can boost the overall atmosphere of your bathroom. Folded corner mirrors are also perfect if you want to have an appealing corner wall design.

  2. Mirrored Vanity

    Bathroom vanity mirrors are usually mounted above the bathroom sink and are used explicitly to check someone’s looks, apply makeup, or anything that helps you look presentable. This piece of home decor is essential as we use this a lot in our daily lives. Choose a bathroom vanity mirror that matches the style and decoration of your bathroom.

    Besides, you can add some accessories or a mirror frame that matches your vanity mirror. Pick a color that goes well with the entire color scheme of the bathroom.

  3. Convex and Concave Mirrors

    These mirrors give different effects. A convex mirror has a curved surface that deflects the light it reflects and focuses on the center. It shows a smaller image, which provides more space for more images to fit, unlike regular mirrors.

    On the other hand, a concave mirror bends the light it reflects inwards and towards the image. It provides an apparently more enlarged image for a larger version of an object you want to observe. This type of mirror is best for dental or makeup use.

  4. LED-Lit Mirrors

    One of the best ways to get a realistic reflection of an image is by using a mirror equipped with LED lights. Aside from giving realistic reflection, it also adds glow to the bathroom. LED-lit mirrors can help you conserve electricity, and it provides a pure white light, which is perfect for shaving and applying makeup.

  5. Brushed Metal Wall Mirrors

    Brushed metal wall mirrors offer sophistication to your bathroom, and it complements with different styles and design due to its contemporary design. This type of mirror creates a modern and urban design to your bathroom while giving you an exact reflection of yourself.

  6. Shapely Mirrors

    Mirrors can come in various shapes, and each shape gives different effects. For example, long mirrors stretch out the eye along its length, which helps to lengthen the bathroom’s overall look. A round mirror blends seamlessly and adds a touch of softness to the bathroom. If you want to have a quirky touch to your bathroom, a rounded rectangle, dome-shaped mirror, pill-shaped mirror, or popsicle shaped mirror is perfect for you. And lastly, an asymmetrical mirror brings a contemporary touch and vibe to your bathroom.

Mirrored Bathroom San Jose CA

Choosing a particular type of mirror can make or ruin your bathroom’s overall design. That is why it is crucial to select the perfect mirror for your bathroom. And aside from choosing the perfect bathroom mirror ideas, it is also essential to keep these mirrors in the right placement. You can create some illusions in your bathroom by placing your mirrors in the proper places.

Mirrored Bathroom San Jose can help you pick the perfect bathroom mirror for you. We have experts that can guide you in choosing the best bathroom mirror. We also provide excellent mirrors in various sizes, shapes, materials, and finishes that match your style.

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