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Fixing a Cracked Solid Surface Bathroom Countertops

Bathroom countertops are one of the essential components of a bathroom. However, they can still be crack, scratch, or stain regardless of the material. Many homeowners consider a DIY repair for a cracked concrete surface countertop. There has been a lot of technical advice and hype about how difficult it is to repair a solid surface. Besides, many stories about most professional service providers charging a hefty amount for such repairs have been spreading. It will be a horrible feeling when there is a crack in your expensive bathroom countertop.

You can fix the crack on your concrete surface bathroom countertops by yourself. And one of the most common and most effective ways to correct a cracked concrete surface countertop is the Cyanoacrylate or superglue method. Although there are other methods, they require some materials that most homeowners do not own, have access to, or have an idea of how to use them.

The Cyanoacrylate method is low risk, and it is easy to redo if it does not work as it should be on the first try.

Super Glue Method

The superglue method, also known as the Cyanoacrylate method, works best for hairline cracks that are narrower than the thickness of a few paper sheets. It would be best if you kept in mind that the better application of repairing solutions depends on every area that needs to be repaired.

  1. Clean the affected area using acetone thoroughly-- remember to take all the necessary precautions to avoid any hazards. Then, let the acetone evaporate before starting the next step.

  2. Fill the crack or chip in some thin layers allowing the glue to correct right between the material layers. You have to overfill the scratch or crack to repair the cavity and then shave the excess adhesive from the surface using a razor blade.

  3. Scrape the excess glue slowly by holding the razor blade at an exact 80-degree angle. Alternate your shaving motion for different approaches to pull all the glue out of the crack or scratch. But if you could not avoid pulling out all the glue from scratch or crack or the result is not as good as you expected, you can add extra glue and scrape the top layer of glue again later.

  4. You have to pay attention to the color of the material of your bathroom countertop. Superglue may look quite good when used to fix a scratch, chip, or crack, mainly since it can take on the surrounding stone’s exact color. Clear superglue can blend well with the surface of the countertops.

  5. When using superglue, there are limitations and exceptions. For example, if you have a dark tone stone, you should use a pigmented epoxy to blend the color properly.

Some repair tasks can be done by yourself. But if you want to fix your bathroom countertops properly and extend their life, hiring an expert is the best solution. You may save some money from DIY repair, but you can save yourself from spending a lot of time, money, and effort in trying to repair your countertops.

Bathroom Countertops San Jose offers the services you need for your bathroom countertops. We have experts that can fix any issues properly regarding your countertops. We also provide excellent quality countertops in a vast array of materials to guarantee you durable and long-lasting bathroom countertops.

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